17th Annual UUFE Service Auction is February 10!    

“I had no idea what a “service auction” truly was when I helped with the first event 8 years ago. But when I saw there was a chance to buy tickets and attend parties with these interesting fabulous people at their houses, I was in. I spent well over a hundred dollars when money was tight but never regretted getting to know this community at the next year’s parties

“If you are a member or even an occasional service attendee, you return to UUFE because you value something here in this community. And your presence is equally valued by us. We become a “we” when we’re working and playing together.”

~ Shalagh Hogan


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UUFE’s #1 Fundraiser

Our service auction is not only our primary fundraising opportunity, it is always a sumptuous fun party as well and an opportunity to invest in future moments to further enjoy our community with promises of parties and moments of service to one another. How cool is all of that!

We need donations for auctionable items from you to fill out our auction catalogue. These can include:

  • Services you can provide i.e. Babysitting, consulting, or cooking
  • An experience you can offer like a stay at your guest cottage, a musical performance, or a hosting a game themed dinner at your house
  • Food you can provide such as a soup and bread combo, a cake, cookies, or even a delivered dinner
  • Parties at your house, you host and we’ll help you. These always bring the most funds and the most fun!
  • Items of value that you can donate
  • Reverse auction requests are an opportunity to ask someone in the community to provide something you value. I ask for a Miss Martha pie!

Here’s How to Give What You Give What You Got!

You can either fill out the signup/donation sheet in the UUFE lobby or online and give it to the office. Or send your signup/donation sheet or offers to Janet at jpfeffer@goeaston.net. Or just sent Janet an email with all the details from the online signup.

Donations need to be submitted by January 21.

Shalagh is also taking offers for help at Shalagh@verizon.net or call her at 410-714-4104.


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