The Inner Circles provide you an opportunity to explore your inner life, and to share ideas and questions with others with similar interests. There are now three Inner Circles up and running – the Christianity Inner Circle, the Soul Matters Inner Circle, and the Eastern Spirituality Inner Circle.


Christianity Inner Circle

zealot small

The Christianity Inner Circle is exploring Zealot:  The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth,  written by Reza Aslan, This book provides a good historical context for the origins of Christianity that will serve as the foundation for further group readings and discussions on what relevance the life and teachings of Jesus has for us today. The Circle is coordinated by Dwayne Eutsey.

Soul Matters Inner Circle

Every month, each group member receives a themed packet with brief readings and questions on such topics as resilience, revelation, tradition, and so on. Each member chooses a question that speaks to them personally – and then “walks with it” for a couple weeks, ready to share their deeper, personal learnings at the meetings. The group meets on the first Monday of the month from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at UUFE. To join, contact Gayle Scroggs at


Eastern Spirituality Inner Circle

radical acceptance 

This group is exploring the spiritual traditions of Eastern religions, primarily Buddhism and Taoism. They have explored Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach, Waking Up: Spirituality without Religion, by Sam Harris, and are now exploring Tao, the Watercourse Way, by Alan Watts. The Circle is coordinated by Paul Sharp.


Humanism Inner Circle

A new Inner Circle will form in April to explore the areas of atheism and humanism oriented spirituality. If you have a strong spiritual drive, but have trouble accepting  traditional religion, this might be the group for you. If you have an interest in this group contact Nancy Sawyer at