An informal small group program
designed to foster personal connection
and promote spiritual and intellectual growth.


See Inner Circles current programs here.


Adult Enrichment is starting a new program of small group interactions in order to better meet the diverse spiritual needs of our members and to foster social interaction. We are calling this program The Inner Circles, because these groups focus on the inner life of the participants.

Inner Circles are small groups that meet together (monthly, or more often) to discuss topics of mutual interest. Each group operates independently – they can choose how often to meet and what topics they wish to pursue.

Inner Circles allow you to explore your interests and passions with other like-minded individuals, and to satisfy your spiritual and intellectual needs in an informal, social setting.

Read more about the Inner Circles current program here.

How the Inner Circles program  work:

  1. Inner Circles are informal social networks that are self-directed and self-administered. UUFE provides support in setting up the Circles, and in advising the Circles.
  2. Inner Circles would meet at least once a month. They can meet more often if desired.
  3. Circles would normally meet at the fellowship, or in members homes on a rotating basis.
  4. Each member would take turns hosting the meeting, and guiding the discussion.
  5. Anyone can form a Circle simply by discussing it with the Inner Circles coordinator.
  6. Circles should be limited to 6-12 members. This is partly to encourage individual participation, and partly to allow the groups to meet in member homes.
  7. When a Circle grows too large it could split to form two Circles.
  8. When a Circle loses members, they can invite others to join.
  9. Circles can disband when they have finished exploring a topic, and reform, if desired, into a new group.
  10. Circles should be encouraged to invite non-UUFE members into their circle (greater community outreach).
  11. Circles are encouraged to share their interests with the congregation at large, either through presenting a worship service on the topic, or through an Emerson Cafe presentation.