IT Pod Leaders

Beth Lawton

Don Barker

IT Pod Mission


 1. Maintain IT systems and components:

  • Hardware, including

    • computers
    • printers
    • telephone systems
    • network components
  • Software for

    • computer operating systems
    • computer-run applications
    • cloud file systems, archiving, and backup
  • Wifi and Internet connections and operations
  • Audio/visual equipment and systems

2. Backup and archive critical digital files in a cloud system

3.  Ensure the security of IT systems.

4.  Resolve problems with IT systems and components.

5.  Train and assist UUFE leaders and members to make best use of UUFE’s IT systems.

6.  Make recommendations to the Board for IT system upgrades and changes

7.  Submit annual budget requests to maintain IT systems


IT Pod Tasks in the UUFE Strategic Plan

The IT Pod is actively working on these goals and objectives from the UUFE Strategic Plan during FY 2022-2023.  In addition, the IT Pod is focusing on improving security of UUFE’s online resources.

Goal 1: Enhance and maintain the effectiveness of our governing, program, and operational management by providing working tools for the Board, Committees and Members.

Objective 2 (Board, NLDC, IT)

Define a policy for the retention of the UUFE knowledge base, including who is responsible for maintaining records.

Action Step 2 (IT) Year 1   Clean up OneDrive and publish instructions on how to access the knowledge base, including policies and by-laws.

Objective 8 (IT, Board):

Facilitate easier and wider use of our electronic UUFE member database (in Power Church) by moving it online.

Action Step 1 (IT, Board) Years 1-2   Research the cost and consider purchasing the online version of Power Church to allow use of the program from any location.

Goal 5: Improve the quality of hybrid and virtual worship services

Worship Team is the lead on these actions; IT Pod assists as needed.

Objective 1 (IT, Worship):

Provide more personnel and technical support for hybrid services. Foster greater connection among people attending by Zoom and in the Sanctuary.

Action Step 1 (IT) Year 1   Train more people to technically manage the hybrid services. If we are unable to recruit volunteers, consider hiring someone to assist with this task.

Action Step 2 (IT) Year 1   Evaluate the use of installed LAN ports in the sanctuary instead of Wi-Fi to improve the sound and video quality for Zoom participants.

Action Step 3 (IT, Worship) Years 1-2   Investigate the use and prices of a monitor system instead of the projector, as well as a better microphone for Joys & Concerns. A monitor provides additional benefits by displaying the following: Zoom participants from home, music lyrics, photographs, or other visual aids. A monitor will also allow a clearer image due to lighting in the sanctuary. Consider this effort as a special project for the Generosity Pod.

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Pod Leaders and Volunteers


In 2023, Pod Leaders are:

    • Beth Lawton
    • Don Barker
  • Board Rep – John Mistrangelo


    • Topher Lawton
    • Bill Browning
    • Dick Doughty
    • Dave Moore
    • Mark Peach
    • Denise Stahre
    • John Terebey
    • Rob Todd

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