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IT Pod Mission 


  1. Maintain IT systems and components:

  • Hardware, including 
    • computers 
    • printers 
    • telephone systems 
    • network components
  • Software for 
    • computer operating systems 
    • computer-run applications 
    • cloud file systems, archiving, and backup
  • Wifi and Internet connections and operations
  • Audio/visual equipment and systems

2. Backup and archive critical digital files in a cloud system

3.  Ensure the security of IT systems.

4.  Resolve problems with IT systems and components.

5.  Train and assist UUFE leaders and members to make best use of UUFE’s IT systems.

6.  Make recommendations to the Board for IT system upgrades and changes

7.  Submit annual budget requests to maintain IT systems


IT Pod 2021 Objectives 


1. Enlist UUFE members as IT Pod volunteers to participate in email discussions about IT solutions.

2.  Engage and train three new IT Pod volunteers in all aspects of UUFE IT support.

3.  Prepare  multi-year budget needed to sustain and improve UUFE IT systems.

4.  Upgrade the UUFE office computer.

5,  Make a recommendations to the Finance Committee and Board about upgading or changing from PowerChurch to a web-based option.

6.  Document all systems and processes, store documentation in UUFE OneDrive, and remove outdated documentation.

7.  Extend worship tech support to include live video recording and presentation via social media. 

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Pod Leaders and Volunteers 


In 2021, Pod Leaders are: 

  • Bozena Lamparska (Board rep) 
  • Don Barker 


  • Bill Browning 
  • Dick Doughty 
  • Beth Lawton 
  • Dave Moore
  • Mark Peach
  • Denise Stahre
  • John Terebey 
  • Rob Todd


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