The Act of Installation

How UUFE called our Minister, Reverend Susan Browning.
2 June 2019 Order of Service

Prelude and Processional     “Gather the Spirit”


Gather the spirit, harvest the power.
Our sep’rate fires will kindle one flame.
Witness the mystery of this hour.
Our trials in this light appear all the same.

Gather in peace, gather in thanks.
Gather in sympathy now and then.
Gather in hope, compassion and strength.

Gather to celebrate once again.

Gather the spirit of heart and mind.
Seeds for the sowing are laid in store.
Nurtured in love, and conscience refined,
with body and spirit united once more. (Chorus)

Gather the spirit growing in all,
drawn by the moon and fed by the sun.
Winter to spring, and summer to fall,
the chorus of life resounding as one. (Chorus)


Welcome                                                                              Emily Cranwell


     Paula Cole Jones, Unitarian Universalist Association

Carl Gallegos, Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River

Rabbi Naomi Hyman, Talbot Association of Clergy and Laity


Chalice Lighting                                                            Rev. Sue’s Family

Bill, Stephen, and Daniel Browning, Rachel Weaver

and Beth Boucher


Opening Hymn     “Wake, Now, My Senses”


Wake, now, my senses, and hear the earth call;

feel the deep power of being in all;

keep with the web of creation your vow,

giving, receiving as love shows us how.


Wake, now, my reason, reach out to the new;

join with each pilgrim who quests for the true;

honor the beauty and wisdom of time;

suffer thy limit, and praise the sublime.


Wake, now, compassion, give heed to the cry;

voices of suffering fill the wide sky;

take as your neighbor both stranger and friend,

praying and striving their hardship to end.


Wake, now, my conscience, with justice thy guide;

join with all people whose rights are denied;

take not for granted a privileged place;

God’s love embraces the whole human race.


Wake, now, my vision of ministry clear;

brighten my pathway with radiance here;

mingle my calling with all who will share;

work toward a planet transformed by our care.


Covenant of Our Fellowship (In unison, please remain standing)

“At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton, we seek to nurture spiritual and intellectual growth for all ages, and to be actively involved in community outreach and service. Cherishing diversity, and celebrating our oneness with all humanity, we covenant to support each other in the spirit of compassion, respect, and love.”


Reading     “The Tent of Meeting”   (Leviticus 1)          Rabbi Peter Hyman


Homily     “We’re Better Together”                                         Liz Hausburg

Story: “Bundle of Sticks”


Request for Offering                                                      Paula Cole Jones

Our collection will be split between two Unitarian Universalist funds.*

The Living Tradition Fund

Chalice Lighter Grant Program


Offertory Music     “Make Space for Life to Live”        Michael John Trotta


Centering Prayer                                                           Rev. Nancy Sajda


Act of Installation                                                                   Jack Harrald

Board President


Jack:  As the current board president of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton, I proudly proclaim that we desire to install you, Rev. Susan Browning, as our minister.  We recognize that this act symbolizes a covenant together.  We want you among us, preaching the truth in freedom and love.  Please educate our children and counsel our youth. Please minister to us in our times of joy and sorrow.  Please demonstrate by your example, as well as by your teaching, the way of calm and courageous life with support for our weaknesses.  We would have you lead us in a greater understanding of religious life.  Are you willing to take up these obligations?

Minister:  I am, in partnership with all of you.

Congregation:  We, on our part, pledge ourselves to remember that the work of this church belongs to all us all. We would ask you to be encouraging of our efforts, charitable toward our failures, and to remember we are all human and can falter. We recognize that we bear a responsibility in your material welfare and spiritual development. We pledge ourselves to the freedom of pulpit and pew.

We cherish our church for all that it now gives: the friendships it makes possible, the loyalties and common endeavors it fosters, the imagination and creativeness it stimulates and the comfort and solace it brings. We value our church’s influence on children, youth, adults, and the wider community. We cherish our church for what it may yet become through our united efforts.

Jack:  Having thus expressed our love and care for our church we now entrust its ministry to you, Rev. Susan Browning, confident that you share our feelings in full measure, and that you will do all in your power to advance our cause. We offer you our honored and unfettered pulpit with full blessings.

Minister:  Mindful of the privilege and responsibility which are mine as minister of this great congregation, I pledge my sincere efforts on your behalf. I look forward to the continued opportunity to know you even better and more deeply. To the best of my ability, I will live the truth of our love.  Above all, I will cherish and cultivate the ways of spiritual growth among us and with all people.

Congregation:  We have chosen you, Rev. Susan Browning, to be the minister of our church.  We offer you a congregation eager to seek the truth and live our lives in the spirit of togetherness.  Will you accept the responsibility of leading and guiding us in this search?

Minister:  I will.

Jack:  Then by my authority as elected representative of this congregation, I now install you as the minster of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton.

Music     “Creation of Peace”                  Barbara Hope and Mark A. Miller


Charge to the Minister                                                        Lauren Harton


Charge to Congregation                                            Rev. Diane Teichert


Closing Hymn     “Fire of Commitment”


From the light of days remembered burns a beacon bright and clear, Guiding hands and hearts and spirits Into faith set free from fear.


When the fire of commitment sets our mind and soul ablaze,

When our hunger and our passion meet to call us on our way,

When we live with deep assurance of the flame that burns within,

Then our promise finds fulfillment and our future can begin.


From the stories of our living rings a song both brave and free,

Calling pilgrims still to witness to the life of liberty.



From the dreams of youthful vision comes a new, prophetic voice,

Which demands a deeper justice built by our courageous choice.



Benediction                                                                        Rev. Sue Browning


Postlude     “St. Columba Hymn Tune”    Arr. Matt Riley

Ellen Barry Grunden and Nevin Dawson



We offer gratitude to…


Today’s service participants


Emily Cranwell, Incoming UUFE Co-President, Past President, Chair 2013 Search Committee

Nevin Dawson, Guest Musician

Carl Gallegos, President, Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River

Ellen Barry Grunden, UUFE Music Director

Jack Harrald, President UUFE

Lauren Harton, Chair, UUFE Committee Congregational Ministry

Elizabeth Hausburg, UUFE Director of Religious Education

Rabbi Naomi Hyman, Secretary Talbot Association of Clergy and Laity Rabbi Peter E. Hyman, Temple B’Nai Israel, Easton

Paula Cole Jones, Congregational Consultant, Unitarian Universalist Association, Central East Region

Reverend Nancy Sajda, Interfaith Minister, President P.E.A.C.E.

Reverend Diane Teichert, retired from UU Paint Branch; Good Officer of the Chesapeake UU Minister’s Association

The UUFE Choir


The many others who supported today’s installation (and likely others whose names we may have missed!)

Don Barker

Todd Cranwell

Emily Cranwell

Kara Crissey and the UUFE Gardeners

Ann Davis

Jack Davis

Christina Drostin

Gina Eutsey, Playroom Leader

Luke Frederick

Martha Hamlyn

Lauren Harton

Shalagh Hogan

Doug Jurrius

Carol Meredith

Mark Peach

Peter Paul

Colleen Ronning

Jim Richardson

David Stevens

Rob Todd

Elizabeth Tong, UUFE Administrator

Ellie Walter, Playroom Leader

Nina Wahl

Linda Wilcox

Laura Winne

Sally Woodall




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