Renewable Energy Options for UUFE Members and Friends

The UUFE Green Task Force has talked about ways to go green at the Fellowship and beyond. One idea is to get out information about using renewable energy. Not everyone can install solar panels on their roof, but there is the option of becoming part of a community solar installation. I know of 3 community solar projects on the shore at this time. There are others that are already installed and  more are being planned.
This is how one community solar project run by Nexamp will be operated. The farm is call Chester Woods LLC. and is located in Chester Md and is scheduled to start operation in August. The operating company has many solar farms in Massachusetts and  New York. You can find their web site by googling their name- Nexamp.
If you are interested in signing up they will take your information about your present utility provider and look at how much electricity you use in a year. Delmarva Electric is one provider they work with. Choptank probably is also. They then allot you so many kilowats of energy to be provided by the solar farm for one year. Each month Delmarva will tell them how much you have used. Nexamp will charge you the Delmarva rate discounted by 10%. You pay Neaxmp and your Delmarva bill will only charge you the standard $8 service provider hookup fee.
If you have used more electricity at the end of the year than your solar allotment you cover the added amount at the Delmarva normal rate. If you use less you are given a rebate.
The other 2 solar community providers operate somewhat differently so you might ask them about their method of billing. Forefront Power will be developing  fields near Preston and Snow Hill. Cleanchoice energy will be overseeing the proposed solar farm near Hurlock.
Easton Utilities does not work with 3rd party providers such as community solar companies.

~ David Stevens

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