Spirit of the New UUFE Web Site

Comms - front page snippetThis month we go live with the new UUFE web site.  The new site is largely an experiment.  It brings many changes to how we write and publish for UUFE.   It’s mostly do-it-ourselves.  We’re all in this together.

The new site enables UUFE leaders to use the web site to its fullest potential — with no middle-man — to communicate and meet the needs of UUFE members.  It calls on our creativity and commitment to show and share our values.  It lets each UUFE leader show and share the benefits of UUFE membership with the larger community.

Committee chairs and activity leaders can author pages that show members and neighbors why and how they serve.  They can blog news and views and their joys and concerns.  These are published instantly – to our web site, to our constantly updated digital “newsletter”, and to the smartphone of any UUFE member or neighbor with a few moments to spare between family errands or office tasks, or while waiting in line at the supermarket.

I believe our new web site is one of our best tools to help us seize the opportunity that UUA President Peter Morales describes:

Comms - Pres Peter Morales…There is a huge spiritual hunger… millions upon millions of people [unaffiliated with any religion] constitute a breathtaking opportunity.

In order to seize this historic opportunity, we are going to have to innovate and try a number of ideas. When we try a number of ideas, many will fail. Probably most of them will. The important thing is to learn from our little failures in order to build toward a huge success.

This is the spirit of the new UUFE web site:  Innovate, create, try, experiment, maybe fail, and try again.  “Understand deeply… immerse ourselves … unleash our creativity” to seize this historic opportunity.



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