Wishes, Snowflakes, and Bouncers

2016 has started with lots of fun in our RE corner of the world. Here’s what’s been going on for the elementary and youth group folks:




We started the New Year in the RE classroom by sharing our wishes for the coming year. What do we hope to do? (“go hiking!”) Where do we hope to go? (“see Mickey Mouse!”)  Who do we wish we’ll see more of? (“hugs and kisses from Mommy!”) In sharing our wishes, we found that they were all different and unique. Much like snowflakes. And so we made some of those, too!



It’s now snowing the RE classroom! (But it’s the kind that nobody has to shovel.) Come have a look at our  sparkly creations.

IMG_5712 IMG_5713


Our January Youth Night was a field trip to eat pizza and go bouncing at Stratosphere Trampoline Park. We bounced, played dodge ball, marveled at each others’ flips and twists, and braved the rainy drive home.


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  1. Thanks for the colorful photos, Patty! It’s inspiring to see the creativity and joy in each of them–and the attention to body as well as spirit! Keep up the great work.

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