Who Will Be Your Mystery Friend?

One of the coolest and most beloved, inter-generational activities we have here at UUFE is our Mystery Friends event. We match up a RE child or teen with an adult, but we don’t reveal the adult’s identity. Through a series of exchanged, “get to know you letters,” the pair asks questions of one another and shares  likes and dislikes. The event culminates at a Mystery Friends Potluck several Sundays and letters later.  Sometimes gifts are often exchanged, and new, inter-generational friendships are made.

“Sometimes people my age don’t think about the experiences older people have gone through,” shares teenager Caroline Southworth. “It was cool to find a common bond with someone that was 60 years older than me. We both like art and travel.”

We will begin our Mystery Friends letter exchange on Sunday, January 22nd this year. Letters will be exchanged until the revealing potluck after church on Sunday, February 19th.

We hope you will join in the fun and make a new friend within our RE program.

For more information, contact Patty Hamsher: uufe.cre@gmail.comMystery Friends 2013 030

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