Welcome back to all of our RE families!

We are looking forward to another fun year of being together. Our first Sunday of RE classes will be September 10th.

We are excited to have two RE classrooms running each Sunday morning in addition to our playroom. Children are invited to come into the sanctuary for the beginning part of the service. They may sit with their family or up in the front together. After a Thoughts for all Ages time, the children will be sung to their classes.

The younger elementary children in grades preK through third grade will gather in the large classroom at the end of the hall. Rob Forloney, Martha Hamlyn, and Leigh Marquess will teach this group. Each teacher will bring a unique focus to the class: holidays in various world religions, moral tales, and UU principles.

Older children in grades four through seven will gather in the Olympia Brown classroom, across from the kitchen. Liz Hausburg, Patty Hamsher, and Carol Meredith will be their teachers. Our focus in this classroom will be on studying various world religions. If there is interest, we may even visit other churches in the area to gain a broader understanding of worship in other congregations.

Ellie Walter and Gina Eutsey will alternate Sundays in the playroom, where children under 4 can play, sing, and hear stories.

We have planned several family meet-up dates and service projects on the enclosed calendar. The RE committee has identified three organizations where we’d like to dedicate time and effort in order to make a difference in our community and live into our UU values. Please join us!

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Patty Hamsher
Coordinator of Religious Education

Lauren Harton

Chair of the Religious Ed Committee

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