The Magic of Many Hands

As adults, we have learned that things don’t just happen magically; there are often lots of hands behind the scenes. Likewise, Sundays at UUFE don’t come together without the people that volunteer to make it happen.

Take a snowy Sunday in January as an example. Despite the snow and ice covered roads on January 8th, and amid several area churches posting snow day cancellations,  our fellowship decided to open to whomever wanted to brave the elements and be together. A small gathering was expected, but more than 30 people showed up, all of them long-time friends or members.

People stepped up to substitute usher, sing, work in the playroom, shovel sidewalks, and play piano to make the service happen. We were the little congregation that could!

In the RE hall, we are super grateful for our volunteer teachers that read up on lessons and prepare crafts and activities to spark the interest of our young people every Sunday morning. Their gift is when they have a table full of children to share this with. Having “church” friends and UUFE experiences can be an important part of a young person’s life. We aim to create a safe space where children can talk freely and ask questions about the things they care and wonder about.

As you renew your commitments in this new year, we hope you’ll bundle up your toddler so he or she can put a yellow felt light on their chalice in the playroom or nudge your preteen to join us for joys and sorrows in the RE classroom. There is magic that happens at UUFE thanks to the many folks that keep our little church chugging along.




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