Stewardship Chats with the Younger UUs

It started out as a small lesson: we would learn about stewardship from the perspective of how we are stewards in our own lives. And so with the gang assembled–eight kids ranging in age from 5 to 10–we kicked around some great examples.

We are stewards of our pets when we feed and walk them; we are stewards of our family when we do chores and listen to one another; we are stewards of our community when we clean up trash outside. The ideas were on point and well understood and so we moved on to create a poster of bigger ideas. I stretched the group to think about ways we are stewards of our congregation and even to wonder about how we are stewards of our UU faith.

And they nailed it. All eight of them. Two of the five year olds offered that we need to make more peace and give everyone–“even the mean people”–more love. An older child suggested: “do not look down on other people, unless you are helping them up.”

If you haven’t felt your heart swell in a while, come spend a Sunday morning in the RE wing. These kids will remind you that life is (and can be) pretty amazing.


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