Late Spring in RE

Late spring brings the end of our religious education school year. It has been another fantastic year with the younger group delving deep into the wonders of nature and the inter-connectedness of the web of life while the older group has explored the powers we all hold within ourselves. At our RE Sunday service on June 4th we will celebrate these lessons in a shared narrative of The Lorax.

All families and kids (young and old!) are invited to gather after the services on April 30th and May 7th for lessons in meditation with fellowship friend “Coach Bob” Hyman. For over 10 years Bob Hyman has been a Character Counts coach in Talbot County teaching stress reduction techniques along with character development lessons. (The kids call him Coach Bob.) Early on Bob realized that it was difficult for children to make good behavior choices if their emotions had been strongly triggered. He began teaching fun techniques the kids could use to calm themselves. He has taught these lessons in every elementary classroom in Talbot County, as well as the Caroline County Rec and Park after school and summer programs.

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