February Fun in Children’s Religious Education

We’ve got a lot planned for February!

The Sunday morning elementary class will focus on ways to welcome others, signs and rituals that come with worshiping together, and understanding what it means to be a steward–that is, people with ability and responsibility to contribute to the care of people and places they love, such as family, friends, their school, the congregation, and the earth we share.

Meanwhile, some of our older youth will be participating in an intense four-weekend session of OWL (Our Whole Lives). The OWL program is “is a series of sexuality education curricula that helps participants make informed and responsible decisions about sexual health and behavior.” This is an amazing opportunity, spearheaded by our very own, trained facilitator, Lauren Harton. Lauren will be teaming up with Larry Samuels from Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River.

On February 12th, the RE children and families will host the spaghetti dinner, a tradition that has become a congregation favorite! Chef Colleen will prepare her delicious sauce, and we will ask our children and youth to help with service, order-taking, dessert and drink prep, and clean up. This is a great way to enjoy the fellowship of one another in the midst of the winter time.We hope you’ll join us at the spaghetti dinner. Sunday morning ticket sales will begin January 24th, but you can always purchase a ticket at the door, too.

Toward the end of the month we will launch our annual Mystery Friends program. This is a letter exchange between an RE kid and an adult (or teen) congregant. Each week, they read and respond to letters passed between one another–sharing favorite things, asking questions, drawing pictures, and the like. After several letters, we celebrate our Mystery Friends reveal at the spring potluck lunch. Mystery Friends has always been a wonderful, intergenerational program that brings smiles to young and old, and helps us get to know one another even better.

Thanks for being part of our RE program!

See you on Sunday,

Patty Hamsher, CRE



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