An Autumn Update from Children’s RE

Now that our RE programs are underway for the year, I thought I’d share some highlights from each age group:

The younger elementary gang has been focusing on the concept of the web of life while learning about partnerships in nature. They made puppets of unlikely pairs that help one another in important ways. For example, a plover bird acts like dental floss for a crocodile: the croc gets clean teeth, and the plover bird has a feast. They are also discovering the vital role that trees play in our ecosystem. The World of Wonder curriculum is a lot of fun for our nature-loving group!

The older elementary gang has been focusing on the earth element to explore the powers of roots and growth. They have shared and listened to stories about people’s history and connection to origins. They learned about food security, the Georgia Street Community Collective, and talked about how small things can create big growth in a place.

The middle and high school community service club had their first project in October. They met at Rev Sue’s cottage and prepared a spaghetti dinner and cupcakes that were delivered to the folks at Talbot Interfaith Shelter. It was a fun afternoon, and their efforts were absolutely appreciated.

Thanks to all of the families that came out for our Fall Family Fun Night. Though it was too rainy for kickball, we enjoyed cupcakes and games together. Stay tuned for information about our Winter Family Fun Night that will be in December.

Want more information about our RE programs? Send an email to Patty Hamsher at

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