Social Justice

Social Justice Outreach: Building African-American Minds (BAAM)

Sunday, November 11th’s collection was in support of delivering a mini mindfulness curriculum as part of the  after school program known as BAAM (Building African American Minds). First, a little about BAAM:  BAAM was started by a local African American couple who wanted to provide a college scholarship for a Talbot County African American student. When … Continued


On September 23, UUFE hosted the UU Racial Justice Gathering Workshop.  Paula Cole Jones and other leaders led an in-depth conversation and workshop on racial justice. The gathering was an opportunity for UUs in the Delmarva Cluster to address the challenges of dismantling systemic racism.  About a dozen UUFE members and friends attended. UU liFE received these … Continued

A Perfect Day

Habitat and Frederick Douglass Day events show what a diverse community Talbot can be. At last Sunday’s Service, I shared that the day before had been one of the most perfect days of my life.  May my words do justice to my heart. – Doug Jurrius   Saturday was a great day.  It started with the … Continued

Talbot Interfaith Shelter and UUFE 

A note from UUFE’s Jack Harrald: UUFE was one of the faith communities that responded to homelessness in our community by supporting the creation of Talbot Interfaith Shelter in 2008.  UUFE members have continued that support as volunteers and donors enable TIS to grow from a seasonal cold weather, overnight shelter with a capacity limited to five guests to … Continued

MRC provides emergency funds to Easton family separated by ICE

Concerned Citizens of Easton (Gail Woodall’s group), brought to Matthew Peters an excellent idea to help raise money for the Multi-Cultural Center, specifically for emergency funding. It would involve using “Go Fund Me” on the internet. Members of local citizens’ groups like Bay Hundred Citizens (BHCJS), CCE, and Talbot Rising are already contributing. It would … Continued

May 3 Update – UUFE Immigration Task Force

The ITF meeting time is now changing from Wednesday to Thursday evenings starting at 6:30 at UUFE. Our next meeting date will be May 25 and we plan to meet every other week. All are welcome to attend. The second Immigration Task Force meeting was held on Wednesday evening, May 6. During the meeting Don … Continued

Write Now!

by Jim Richardson If you are like me and looking for something that can make a difference, the UUFE Social Justice Committee is offering you a great opportunity this coming Sunday, (Jan. 29) with a brand-new project called Write Now!   Very simply, it a year-long letter-writing campaign to inform our political representatives, both state … Continued

Court of Special Appeals Finds In Favor of Talbot Interfaith Shelter

On Thursday, September 15, 2016, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals (COSA) upheld the Talbot County Board of Zoning decision to grant a special exception permit for Talbot Interfaith Shelter (TIS) to operate a shelter at 107 Goldsborough Street (Easton’s Promise) in Easton.  The original permit was awarded on July 29, 2014, and was appealed … Continued

I’m Thinking of Moving to the Netherlands

~  Ann Davis My recent trip to the Netherlands reawakened my appreciation northern European folks. It has been a long time since I traveled outside of the US. It was a pleasant deja vu from childhood trips and residence in Germany.  I experienced a brief but intense “fling,” with the Dutch people, and it was intoxicating, … Continued

Mediation Training Class Starts in March

Would you like to learn skills to help resolve conflicts, for others in the community, and in your own family, work, and life? Attend Mid Shore Community Mediation Center’s 45 hour Basic Mediation Training Class The training will be held in Easton and is free of charge. We provide the training for community members from all … Continued