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Inside the Board Room

All congregants are welcome to attend general meetings of the Board of Trustees. We hold meetings the second Monday of each month from 6:00 to 7:30 in the Archer-Shee Room. There are always extra chairs, so come in and make yourself comfortable. The Board … read more.

Strategic Board – Continued

In October, I wrote that I would be attending the ?Strategic Board? workshop led by Rev. David Pyle at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring, Maryland. I wrote ?stay tuned? for the outcome of that experience for me. So here you go, albeit belatedly.

A … read more.

UUFE Leadership Retreat 2017

As I write this, I am anticipating The Leadership Retreat which awaits me and about 20 other members on Saturday, (October 21) at Third Haven Friends Meeting.? Rev. Ginger Luke (who?preached our sermon on October 15 on Humanism) our facilitator, Rev. Sue and I have … read more.

We commit ourselves to each other

When we gather the spirit on Sunday mornings and beyond, we commit ourselves to each other, to our spiritual community, and to our mission that reaches far beyond our walls. We educate our young to instill knowledge and values that help to spread our message … read more.

Fulfillment in UUFE Leadership

By Emily Cranwell

In the service that I gave on January 31st, I was asked to reflect on how leadership can be spiritually fulfilling. In a time when Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (N&LDC) is seeking volunteers to step into leadership roles, I want to ask … read more.

Making the Connection

On Sunday, January 11, a few members met to discuss Making the Connection and how we can help congregants feel a sense of belonging. We focused on questions such as:

How do we match new volunteers to opportunities that excite them and connect them to UUFE?
How … read more.

Just Beginning

Just Beginning
If you’ve been following my newsletter articles (or even better, following my articles on the blog) you may remember that one of our Board’s goals over the coming year is to take a closer look at our congregation’s systems and structures. We want … read more.

Our Board’s Input

This September we were excited to renew Rev. Sue’s contract. One of the big decisions our Board has made regarding her next year with us has to do with how she spends her time as a half-time minister. While we trust that leading half of … read more.

The Excitement of Possibility

Looking ahead at the coming year, I?m filled with the excitement of possibility. The Board had an orientation in July where we got to better know one another and got to better understand our job serving UUFE. We spent much of that time defining our … read more.