Total loss. Then thankful just for shoes.

UUFE’s Gayle Scroggs shared her experience at our Gratitude and Grace service, November 19. Exactly ten years ago I was living five thousand miles away in Argentina, with my beloved Roberto, in a leafy gated community on the outskirts of his native city of San Nicolas. That was the Thanksgiving when I really learned the meaning of … Continued

It never really was about the weeds

The Art and Beauty and Soul of the Garden.  And of Ourselves. I was at UUFE Autumn Weeding Day.  I was kneeling in front of a garden bed full of wiregrass.  A Zen moment before I attacked it with Ann Davis’s Japanese samurai mattock. Kara, our Master Gardener, stopped by and helped me look up from … Continued

Afterlife: How I See It

In October, a dozen UUFE members and friends met each week after the Sunday service for our “I Believe…” discussion group led by Amanda Schaller.  This is how Gayle Scroggs, UUFE’s Adult Enrichment Leader, described the class objective: How do you respond when someone asks you this: “So you are a UU.  What do you believe?” … Continued

Life in Layers 

Recently I’ve been struck by the number of opportunities at UUFE to explore issues and ideas in greater depth. From the new Adult Enrichment classes (thank you, Gayle Scroggs and others), to the “Intro to UU” class (thank you, Carol Meredith and others), to the Parent Forum Series (thank you, Lauren Harton and others), there are many chances … Continued

UUFE Leadership Retreat 2017

As I write this, I am anticipating The Leadership Retreat which awaits me and about 20 other members on Saturday, (October 21) at Third Haven Friends Meeting.  Rev. Ginger Luke (who preached our sermon on October 15 on Humanism) our facilitator, Rev. Sue and I have spent time together discerning what topics and activities will engage … Continued

The inherent worth and dignity of every Stitch

~ Denise Stahre I’ve been doing cross stitch since I was nine years old.  I learned at Girl Scout camp, and fell in love immediately with everything about it:  the counting of the stitches, the slide of the needle through the canvas, how the floss feels as it comes through the fabric, that smooth sound … Continued

Being Two Places at Once 

Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning   Let’s get right down to today’s question. Can you be two places at once?   Let’s say, for discussion, it is 10:40 a.m. EDT on Sunday, October 22. If you are here at this UU congregation’s service, can you also be in New York City at brunch? Or a few years ago my Dad had two grandsons graduate the same day – one in … Continued

Creativism is a state of mind

~ Shalagh Hogan Often, as I’m engaged in one of my creative projects for the UUFE community like decorating the Christmas tree or the Sanctuary for a fundraiser, people exclaim,”Oh Shalagh, you are so creative.” If you were someone who said this, thank you. But  besides giving me a compliment, what I hear them saying … Continued

Building African American Minds

Sunday, November 12 2017, our Social Justcie Outreach Collection will be in support of delivering a mini mindfulness curriculum as part of the after school program known as BAAM (Building African American Minds). First, a little about BAAM:  BAAM was started by a local African American couple who wanted to provide a college scholarship for … Continued

“It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see”

What do you see when you look at nature?  As Thoreau’s quotation suggests, we might all be looking at nature. . . but we are not all seeing the same thing. Our Seventh Principle reminds us of our connection to the earth and all living things. When do you feel that connection most deeply?  Walking … Continued