I showed up at UUFE Garden Day and learned how to use my grill.

Kara said, Bring your garden tools and your grill. We’re doing chicken. I said, I use my grill maybe once every three years. She said, No problem. Doug will be Grillmaster. We beautified the garden beds and took down holiday decorations. Parents and kids polished the playground and planted a bean teepee. At noon, Doug … Continued

Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Unitarian Tradition

Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning, April 8, 2018 One hundred years ago is hard to imagine. And yet we have two UUFE members who were alive in 1918: Carol Kabler who would have been two years old, and Jack Scott who was born in February 1918. 100 years ago is ‘eons’ ago in some ways, … Continued

Whom did you bring to church with you today?

Sermon at UUFE by John Turner Our lives are filled with relationships. Some of them are strong. Some are weak. Some helpful to us. Some harmful. And, often, we are not fully aware of the impact some of these relationships have on us. Including this morning. I wonder if you’ve ever had the same thing … Continued

Don’t Miss This Unexpectedly Transformative Netflix Series

Let’s pitch a show to Netflix, one designed to lessen racism and homophobia.  Maybe a documentary, complete with talking heads, statistics, and some up-close-and-personal stories. . . that only the choir would watch.  So stop the preaching already! Fortunately Netflix already airs a show that moves people through mere tolerance to warm acceptance.  As a fan … Continued

Bearing Fruit at UUFE

Kara Crissey, our very own certified professional Horticulturalist has asked that any member with a fruit-bearing pear tree arrange to bring her an 18″ clipping. she will graft it to our large bradford pear, and in a year or two we will have delicious pears! YUM!  if you want to learn a bit about how … Continued

Facing Our Uncertainties

Sermon at UUFE by Bob Cleg Text:  Mark 16:1-8 I grew up in a Baptist church where it wasn’t a stretch to think dead people could come back to life.  Years later, I realized the statistical impossibility of that happening. In focusing my concept of religion on a physical and biological impossibility, I had put … Continued

Living with Integrity: Just How Hard is It to Do?

(Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning, March 25, 2018) In the Bible there is a proverb (Proverb 4:26) which says, “Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.” It’s a call to pay attention and to be intentional in your actions, to be dependable, and to be trustworthy. It’s … Continued

Finding What Excites You

(Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning, February 25, 2018) Let’s start with a few scenarios on excitement. I want you to picture a big string across the front of the sanctuary. ‘Excites Me’ at one end and  ‘Nightmare – Are You Kidding Me?’ at the other end. Imagine where you might go on the continuum. Scenario … Continued

The Meaning of Sacrifice

(A note on this sermon: I preached an earlier version of this sermon at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton on February 11. In light of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, I modified the sermon before offering it at the UUs of the Chester River on February 18. I am posting this latter version … Continued

Nirvana is a Clearing in the Forest

(A Tale of What Happened to Me in Chicago.) Opening Words – Buddhist Heaven and Hell   Our opening wards are about heaven and hell, nirvana and samsara.  A Zen story we’ve shared here before: A samurai approached the monk Hakuin and demanded, “I want to know about heaven and hell. Do they really exist?” … Continued