Check Out the Fall 2023 UUFE Activities Flyer!

This special flyer summarizes some of the upcoming and ongoing events at UUFE – let’s celebrate the fall together!

The flyer also lists important contact information for various committees, regular gatherings, and the UUFE staff. Pick up your copy in the foyer or click here.

What is UU Water Communion?

Our service on Sunday, September 10 will include our annual Water Communion. Water Communion is a UU ritual which marks the beginning of the congregational year and symbolizes the blending of our hopes and gifts.

For this ritual all are invited to bring water which has meaning to them … read more.

How It Began! Liz’s History in Religious Education

On Sunday, June 4, 2023 we’ll celebrate Liz Hausburg’s long tenure as UUFE’s Coordinator of Religious Education. We’ll have a special inter-generational Sunday Service at 10 a.m. (yes, Liz is preaching!), followed by a potluck, slideshow, stories and cake. It will be a chance to show … read more.

Two More Social Justice Films!

Please join us!

We’ll follow each film with a discussion about the film and its topic. Refreshments will be served.












For questions or more information, please contact Mary Lou Malone.

UUFE Social Justice Film Fest Continues!

Please join us!  We’ll follow each film with a discussion about the film and its topic. Child of Nature is for adults and families with children ages 9+.  Refreshments will be served.

Covid-19 Gathering Guideline Update

This week the Re-Opening Task Force modified UUFE’s Covid-19 guidelines to eliminate contact tracing. We had been requiring everyone to sign-in when they attended services or events just in case we needed to notify them of a Covid-19 exposure. Effective February 16 we will no … read more.

A Turning Tide – Gun Safety

This week is the 10-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook School shooting. The anniversary stories are sobering, particularly the interviews with children who survived who are now in high school.

When the Sandy Hook murders happened I was the intern minister at our UU congregation in … read more.