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When the Next Big Thing gets decided for you.

UUFE’s Jack Harrald answers the Five Big Questions and talks about Scandinavian pride, a Norwegian tramp steamer, tall ships and camels, baseball tours with his grandson, and how the Next Big Thing got handed to him.


UU liFE: Where were you raised, and how?

Jack:  I was … read more.

Found You in the Yellow Pages!

UUFE’s Ann Jacobs answers the Five Big Questions and talks about roaming Europe with horses, life in The Big Apple, running the Marine Corps Marathon, and starting her own business – again.


Where were you raised, and how?

I was born in Baltimore then lived for the … read more.

Like National Geographic

Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, China, New Zealand, and Australia.  Egypt and Israel, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Sea of Galilee, River Jordan, Temple Mount, Wailing Wall.  And Bella Coola, British Columbia.  With grizzlies.

UUFE’s Dick Doughty tells how far he’s come with Barbara.  Answering the Five Big Questions along the way.

“I … read more.

Yes, that’s our President. Over on the right.

UUFE’s new Board President, Mark Peach, answers UU liFE’s Five Big Questions and briefs us on growing up Catholic over there by Blair Road in Bawmer City, touring with Michael Jackson, lighting up U.S. Presidents, and what we can achieve together during his term.


UU liFE:  Where … read more.

UU liFE when the TV broke

Karen Walpole’s journey to UUFE began when she talked with a UU then moved to Easton.

Or maybe it was decades earlier, when the TV broke.

Read Karen’s answers to the Five Big Questions.  Then you decide.


UU liFE:  Where were you raised, and how?

Karen:  I was brought … read more.

Five Big Questions on the run

UU liFE  keeping up with UUFE’s Mark Walter.


UU liFE:  Mark, thanks for saying yes to the Five Big Questions interview.  Where are you right now?

Mark:  Right now we’re driving to the airport to catch a flight to Chicago.  Nephew’s wedding on Saturday.

Now where are you?

Sitting … read more.

From the safety of home to the leap of faith

UUFE’s Mary Dunlavey answers the Five Big Questions

Where were you raised, and how?

I was raised in a prison town, Attica, New York until age 10.  It was my mother’s home; my dad was a city guy from Buffalo.  It was a Leave-It-To-Beaver-type growing up.  I … read more.

Was Laura of Arabia. Now Laura of New Hampshire.

UUFE’s Laura Winne tells about growing up in conservative southern California and Saudi Arabia, her craving for the color green, and her most remarkable thing – fueled by caffeine.  Still giddy about New Hampshire.

Laura and Liz at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA

UU … read more.

Memorialise flowers

We are going to be offering members/friends the opportunity to recognise, memorialise or honour someone who is special to you by displaying flowers during the service. You bring the flowers and vase of your choice and take them home after the service. You may write … read more.