Buildings & Grounds

I showed up at UUFE Garden Day and learned how to use my grill.

Kara said, Bring your garden tools and your grill. We’re doing chicken. I said, I use my grill maybe once every three years. She said, No problem. Doug will be Grillmaster. We beautified the garden beds and took down holiday decorations. Parents and kids polished the playground and planted a bean teepee. At noon, Doug … Continued

Bearing Fruit at UUFE

Kara Crissey, our very own certified professional Horticulturalist has asked that any member with a fruit-bearing pear tree arrange to bring her an 18″ clipping. she will graft it to our large bradford pear, and in a year or two we will have delicious pears! YUM!  if you want to learn a bit about how … Continued

Winter Weather Warmth!

Talk about a steep learning curve!  As the stil-wet-behind-the-ears Buildings & Grounds Committee chair, it has been an interesting month.  With the cold snap our small oil-fired boiler has been put to the test.  Over the summer we had decided to buy some hard to obtain, non-stocked parts.  I had scheduled C Albert Mathews in … Continued

It never really was about the weeds

The Art and Beauty and Soul of the Garden.  And of Ourselves. I was at UUFE Autumn Weeding Day.  I was kneeling in front of a garden bed full of wiregrass.  A Zen moment before I attacked it with Ann Davis’s Japanese samurai mattock. Kara, our Master Gardener, stopped by and helped me look up from … Continued

Get Your Garden Gloves Out November 4

Join the UUFE Fall Garden Cleanup Saturday, November 4, 9 am to noon.   There will be plenty of mulch and plenty of weeds.   Please bring your gloves, gardening tools, & a personal water bottle. In addition to weeding, two areas need special attention: Vines climbing up the cedar on right side of entrance  (ladder needed) Broken limb on holly tree to side of … Continued

UUFE Gardeners see Spring!

[Gardeners update by Kara Crissey] UUFE Gardeners! Spring beckons, even from so far away.  So we’re making plans: UUFE Spring Garden Cleanup & Potluck Saturday, March 25 9AM-3PM Rain Date Spring Cleanup April 8 Please contact Kara Crissey @ or 814.262.5702 if you will be able to attend the Spring Cleanup. Please bring a beverage or dish of … Continued