Buildings & Grounds

Winter Weather Warmth!

Talk about a steep learning curve!  As the stil-wet-behind-the-ears Buildings & Grounds Committee chair, it has been an interesting month.  With the cold snap our small oil-fired boiler has been put to the test.  Over the summer we had decided to buy some hard to obtain, non-stocked parts.  I had scheduled C Albert Mathews in … Continued

It never really was about the weeds

The Art and Beauty and Soul of the Garden.  And of Ourselves. I was at UUFE Autumn Weeding Day.  I was kneeling in front of a garden bed full of wiregrass.  A Zen moment before I attacked it with Ann Davis’s Japanese samurai mattock. Kara, our Master Gardener, stopped by and helped me look up from … Continued

Get Your Garden Gloves Out November 4

Join the UUFE Fall Garden Cleanup Saturday, November 4, 9 am to noon.   There will be plenty of mulch and plenty of weeds.   Please bring your gloves, gardening tools, & a personal water bottle. In addition to weeding, two areas need special attention: Vines climbing up the cedar on right side of entrance  (ladder needed) Broken limb on holly tree to side of … Continued

UUFE Gardeners see Spring!

[Gardeners update by Kara Crissey] UUFE Gardeners! Spring beckons, even from so far away.  So we’re making plans: UUFE Spring Garden Cleanup & Potluck Saturday, March 25 9AM-3PM Rain Date Spring Cleanup April 8 Please contact Kara Crissey @ or 814.262.5702 if you will be able to attend the Spring Cleanup. Please bring a beverage or dish of … Continued