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Creativism is a state of mind

~ Shalagh Hogan

Often, as I’m engaged in one of my creative projects for the UUFE community like decorating the Christmas tree or the Sanctuary for a fundraiser, people exclaim,?Oh Shalagh, you are so creative.? If you were someone who said this, thank you. But ?besides … read more.

Reflections from the Inner Circles

There are still a few openings for membership in the Soul Matters and Humanism Inner Circles. For information about the Soul Matters Inner Circle contact Gayle Scroggs. For information about the Humanism Inner Circle contact Nancy Sawyer. ?Or email

If you are not yet part … read more.

Inner Circle Insights – Self vs. No Self

This month we are starting a new approach to communicating the workings of the Inner Circles. Rather than reporting on what the individual circle?s are discussing, we thought we would go into more depth and talk about what insights we?ve gained in the group.

This month … read more.

Helpful Memory Mnemonic for the Eight Fold Path

?If you?re anything like me, you have a hard time remembering what the Buddha?s Eight-fold path consists of. So here?s a helpful mnemonic device I found.
Monkeys ? ???Mindfulness

Normally, these are listed as ?Right Understanding? etc. but I … read more.