UUFE members answer the Five Big Questions.

Raised Catholic. (Strict Catholic.)

UUFE’s Theresa Connelly brews up coffee hour each Sunday.  And her answers to the Five Big Questions right now, here.  Straight up, no decaf.


UU liFE:  Where were you raised, and how?

Theresa:  I was #7 of 8 children raised in Annapolis. We were raised Catholic (strict Catholic).

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A magic broom and a house on the coast of Maine

With a nod to Isak Dinesen, UUFE’s Judy Hedges might begin her book, “I had a house on the coast of Maine.”

Follow Judy as she migrates to Maine, rescues strays, transforms her lacrosse stick into a magic broom, and wanders and ponders the Five Big … read more.

UU liFE when the TV broke

Karen Walpole’s journey to UUFE began when she talked with a UU then moved to Easton.

Or maybe it was decades earlier, when the TV broke.

Read Karen’s answers to the Five Big Questions.  Then you decide.


UU liFE:  Where were you raised, and how?

Karen:  I was brought … read more.

When the Next Big Thing gets decided for you.

UUFE’s Jack Harrald answers the Five Big Questions and talks about Scandinavian pride, a Norwegian tramp steamer, tall ships and camels, baseball tours with his grandson, and how the Next Big Thing got handed to him.


UU liFE: Where were you raised, and how?

Jack:  I was … read more.

A Postcard from Fiji

UUFE’s Katie Southworth sends you a postcard from Fiji.   And she doesn’t stop there.  Katie answers the Five Big Questions and talks about teaching World Geography (by first going there), parenting as a team, and her Next  Big Thing:  Raising awareness about mental health issues.

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Flying Your Own Spaceship

UUFE’s Ron Sweet answers UU liFE’s Five Big Questions and tells about trading DC for Easton (easy), choosing between Seattle and Alburquerque (too hard), flying the Great Hawaiian Air Race, building his own aircraft, and finding his way back to UUFE.


Where were you raised, and how?

I was raised, … read more.

UU liFE on Fifth Avenue

UUFE’s Nina Wahl traces her path through five or six foster-churches, along Wall Street and Fifth Avenue, to UU liFE’s Five Big Questions.


UU liFE: Where were you raised, and how?

Nina: I was born into a colorful but dysfunctional family in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was … read more.

Like National Geographic

Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, China, New Zealand, and Australia.  Egypt and Israel, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Sea of Galilee, River Jordan, Temple Mount, Wailing Wall.  And Bella Coola, British Columbia.  With grizzlies.

UUFE’s Dick Doughty tells how far he’s come with Barbara.  Answering the Five Big Questions along the way.

“I … read more.