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Outreach for Mere Saathi will be Sun Jan 21

Dr. Audrey Barker founded Mere Saathi in 2010.  Dr. Barker is a Baltimore veterinarian and daughter of UUFE members Rita and Don Barker.

We are One Village Healing Another

Mere Saathi’s mission is to empower and improve the lives of impoverished Indian women.  We do this by providing … read more.


On September 23, UUFE hosted the UU Racial Justice Gathering Workshop.  Paula Cole Jones and other leaders led an in-depth conversation and workshop on racial justice. The gathering was an opportunity for UUs in the Delmarva Cluster to address the challenges of dismantling systemic racism. … read more.

Building African American Minds

Sunday, November 12 2017, our Social Justcie Outreach Collection will be in support of delivering a mini mindfulness curriculum as part of the after school program known as BAAM (Building African American Minds).

First, a little about BAAM:  BAAM was started by a local African American … read more.

When Change Seems Impossible, or at Least Overwhelming

Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton



(An excerpt from the book ‘Just Mercy’ by Bryan Stevenson. For context, it’s the late 1980s and Bryan has working more and more closely with those facing execution. (p72-74))

‘We relocated to our new office … read more.

What Happened to Me at the Eclipse

Sermon by Don Barker 


Opening words are from New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the book entitled The Acts of the Apostles:

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: … read more.

True to Myself

Sermon by Sue Browning,
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton.
Service presented with Joshua Long.


Let me begin with a story told by Wayne Dyer in his book Wisdom of the Ages.

“Two months ago my son and I cleaned out a wooded area in … read more.

Final Fellowship and a New Stole!

On June 18 the congregation surprised me (yes, I was surprised!) with kind words and celebration in honor of my completing of the requirements for ‘Final Fellowship’ – the last step in the Unitarian Universalist’s national ministerial credentialing process.

It’s fitting that the congregation and I … read more.

The Roots of Character

Sermon by Sue Browning
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton

At last week’s service, Jim Richardson and Martha Hamlyn shared that UUFE’s long time minister, Rev. Daniel Higgins, had died on June 9. He was a Minister Emeritus here at this congregation – a life time … read more.