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Born With Teeth

UUFE’s Maureen Curtin answers the Five Big Questions and tells how she made up bad stuff to feel truly Catholic, and about singing with the Swing Orchestra and comedians, and riding with the UUFE Rangers.  And yes, she was born with teeth.


UU liFE:  Where … read more.

On art, our kids’ lives, and our dwellings.

“Rembetiko Music” – Greek Blues, 1996

UUFE’s David Stevens meditates on the Five Big Questions and his art in wood and glass, kids and grandkids, and the secrets of home selling.


UU liFE:  Where were you raised, and how?

David:  I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My … read more.

A corn and soybeans kind of girl

Nancy, Claire, Phillip

Nancy Sawyer answers UU liFE’s Five Big Questions


UU liFE:  Where were you raised, and how?

Nancy:  I was raised on our family farm in central Illinois until I was eight.  After that we moved around until I graduated from high school, since my … read more.

A magic broom and a house on the coast of Maine

With a nod to Isak Dinesen, UUFE’s Judy Hedges might begin her book, “I had a house on the coast of Maine.”

Follow Judy as she migrates to Maine, rescues strays, transforms her lacrosse stick into a magic broom, and wanders and ponders the Five Big … read more.

Meet Heather’s New Boss

Heather in charge

UUFE’s Heather Grant talks about Catholic high school, her century ride around Lake Tahoe, the blessing and curse of home ownership, and life’s true gifts.

And her answer to one of UU liFE’s Five Big Questions is … a business plan.

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Gone Off the Grid

UUFE’s Patty Hamsher talks about being raised in a red/blue family, going off the grid for 3 years, coming back, cobbling together a flexible work schedule, and the joy of running UUFE’s dreamy day camp for kids.  And she answers UU liFE’s Five Big … read more.

When the Next Big Thing gets decided for you.

UUFE’s Jack Harrald answers the Five Big Questions and talks about Scandinavian pride, a Norwegian tramp steamer, tall ships and camels, baseball tours with his grandson, and how the Next Big Thing got handed to him.


UU liFE: Where were you raised, and how?

Jack:  I was … read more.

Like National Geographic

Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, China, New Zealand, and Australia.  Egypt and Israel, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Sea of Galilee, River Jordan, Temple Mount, Wailing Wall.  And Bella Coola, British Columbia.  With grizzlies.

UUFE’s Dick Doughty tells how far he’s come with Barbara.  Answering the Five Big Questions along the way.

“I … read more.

Yes, that’s our President. Over on the right.

UUFE’s new Board President, Mark Peach, answers UU liFE’s Five Big Questions and briefs us on growing up Catholic over there by Blair Road in Bawmer City, touring with Michael Jackson, lighting up U.S. Presidents, and what we can achieve together during his term.


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