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2020 in Perspective

Christmas 2020

This Christmas our family took a while to work out holiday plans which felt safe. We tracked the weather closely and had honest conversations about the nature of our individual contacts. Ultimately, we concluded an outside visit for a few hours on … read more.

Fitting in Laughter this Season

Dec 17, 2020

Once in a while something strikes us as funny. Really funny. And we find ourselves laughing almost until we cry. Can you remember such a time? More often we laugh in smaller doses, during an evening of conversation, or … read more.

Leading Toward This Thanksgiving

Like just about everything in 2020, the Thanksgiving Day holiday will be different this year.

Families, friends, and neighbors are weighing the risks of the traditional Thanksgiving gatherings. Should we gather at all? If so, how many might be together? Should we … read more.

Nov. 4 Post-Election Message

Dear Members and Friends,

We awake this morning to the confirmation of what many had anticipated: we don’t yet know who won the presidential election. We had told one another the results would likely not be known on Tuesday, nonetheless it is unsettling to not have … read more.

The Loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It has not even been a week since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. She is already a legend, and we mourn her loss.

The news coverage has been intense. Many stories recap her life. Many more (it seems) offer speculation on her successor, and when and … read more.

The Courage to Pause

Some of my favorite ‘Opening Words’ are by Rev. Kathleen McTigue.

“We come together this day to remind one another
To rest for a moment on the forming edge of our lives,
To resist the headlong tumble into the next moment,
Until we claim for ourselves … read more.

Exhilarated, Hopeful, and Slightly Terrified

As we approach the first Sunday of the church year, I feel the excitement of past years. I picture folks hearing the opening hymn and sensing a return to shared community. My mind walks again and again through the planned service and I wonder, ‘Will … read more.

The Winding Down of this Summer

Something just feels “off” as we approach Labor Day.

September has long been the month when we return to our routines. Maybe we do so reluctantly, not wanting the warm, relaxing days to end, yet we are often ready to make the shift. This year feels different.

I’m … read more.