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Hope While Waiting

(Sermon at Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River, Dec. 3, 2017) Sometimes we find ourselves ‘between things’ and we wait. Recently my plan was to pick up our take-out food on my way home from the gym. I pictured a smooth swing by the restaurant. My husband texted food would be ready at 7:05. Not wanting … Continued

Life in Layers 

Recently I’ve been struck by the number of opportunities at UUFE to explore issues and ideas in greater depth. From the new Adult Enrichment classes (thank you, Gayle Scroggs and others), to the “Intro to UU” class (thank you, Carol Meredith and others), to the Parent Forum Series (thank you, Lauren Harton and others), there are many chances … Continued

Pondering Courage

Our theme for the month is ‘Courage.’ Courage is often highlighted in middle school adventure books where young teens away from home finds themselves stranded in the wilderness and this yet-to-be-hero teen needs to take bold actions to return to safety. Survival in these dramatic moments depends on the young adventurer’s calm under pressure, creative … Continued

About Risks – Lessons from Harriet Tubman

Sermon, Rev. Sue Browning, March 19, 2017 Reading Exodus 3:1-12 (NIV) (Moses and the Burning Bush) Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of … Continued

Feeling Squirmy?

This is stewardship month at UUFE. It’s the month when we talk about money. No way to sugarcoat it. And for some folks just talking about sharing money gets them squirmy. Not a spiritual topic, some say. Yet generosity and sharing are at the heart of Unitarian Universalist values. Stewardship is defined as “managing something … Continued

Members Caring for Our Building and Grounds

UUFE has a long tradition of member Work Days. A few pictures from the past Saturday’s cleaning below. Gratitude to Jane Terebey, Gayle Scroggs, Russ Steffy and Peggy Sharp, and likely others who were there before I stopped by on Saturday. Also gratitude to Barbara Doughty who I saw tending to a section of the … Continued

Rev. Sue Blesses the Pets

This past Saturday it was an honor to offer the pet blessing at the ‘Bark in the Park’ event at Idlewild Park. It was a chance to bless the dogs and to offer gratitude for those who love and care for their dogs day in and day. Our pets are wonderful reminders of the many relationships … Continued

Letting Go

What if We Stopped Doing a Few Things? We are offered lots of advice in life. At workshops on church leadership, experts tell us how to identify challenges, to observe with fresh perspective, and to lead from a spiritual core. We hear about the inevitability of change and how to prepare for change. We return … Continued

Frederick Douglass Day 2015

This afternoon it was good to wander the exhibits, hear storytellers, singers and speakers, and of course eat, at Easton’s celebration in honor of Frederick Douglass. Every time I turned around I bumped into congregants from UUFE enjoying the spirit of the day. I’m so grateful to the leaders in Easton who again created an … Continued

A Glimpse of the Pope

Today Bill and I headed to the National Mall to be a part of the pope’s visit. We spent most of our time at the climate justice event, and had a chance to “see” the pope (ok, at a distance) when he came out on the West Capitol balcony. It’s amazing how Pope Francis comes … Continued