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On Belief and Adult Exploration at UUFE

How do you respond when someone asks you this: “So you are a UU. What do you believe?”  Is your UU elevator speech fuzzy? Limited to what you have rejected? Can you clearly articulate your beliefs? Several UUFE members and friends explored and defined their personal theology in a four-part weekly series in October and … Continued

Total loss. Then thankful just for shoes.

UUFE’s Gayle Scroggs shared her experience at our Gratitude and Grace service, November 19. Exactly ten years ago I was living five thousand miles away in Argentina, with my beloved Roberto, in a leafy gated community on the outskirts of his native city of San Nicolas. That was the Thanksgiving when I really learned the meaning of … Continued

Afterlife: How I See It

In October, a dozen UUFE members and friends met each week after the Sunday service for our “I Believe…” discussion group led by Amanda Schaller.  This is how Gayle Scroggs, UUFE’s Adult Enrichment Leader, described the class objective: How do you respond when someone asks you this: “So you are a UU.  What do you believe?” … Continued

Got questions about UU or UUFE?

Wondering just what UU is all about?  Considering membership at UUFE?  Are you a brand new member ready to learn more? Then don’t miss the Intro to UU Class this Saturday, October 14, 9 to noon. You’ll learn the ABC’s of UU and UUFE while getting to know others in a small group setting.  Participants … Continued

Get Your Garden Gloves Out November 4

Join the UUFE Fall Garden Cleanup Saturday, November 4, 9 am to noon.   There will be plenty of mulch and plenty of weeds.   Please bring your gloves, gardening tools, & a personal water bottle. In addition to weeding, two areas need special attention: Vines climbing up the cedar on right side of entrance  (ladder needed) Broken limb on holly tree to side of … Continued

“It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see”

What do you see when you look at nature?  As Thoreau’s quotation suggests, we might all be looking at nature. . . but we are not all seeing the same thing. Our Seventh Principle reminds us of our connection to the earth and all living things. When do you feel that connection most deeply?  Walking … Continued

UUFE’s Common Read for Summer 2016:  Healing the Heart of Democracy

This summer our common read (a book selected for shared reading) is: Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit by Parker J. Palmer. (2011). We will have a shared conversation about the book at our service on Sunday, August 21, and will create additional opportunities for … Continued

How is “letting go” part of your spirituality?

 When has life called us to let go and leap into something new?  With gasps of awe and vicarious fear, Soul Matters Inner Circle members watched the video Learn to Fly: The Parable of the Trapeze while pondering the reflection recorded over scenes of Tony Curtis and Gina Lollabrigida flying through the air, catching each … Continued

Why so few of us? Is it marketing – or mental development?

[Gayle Scroggs, UUFE Inner Circles] “I trust that there is not a young man living in the United States who will not die a Unitarian.”   Thomas Jefferson, 1822 Jefferson was certainly proven wrong, and there’s no sign that his prophecy will come true in our lifetime.  Despite our usual conversations, what if the major deterrent … Continued

On my way to Phoenix to follow Kumare!

JUST FINISHED MOVIE. AM ON WAY TO BWI TO FLY TO PHOENIX TO FOLLOW THE REAL KUMARE! [Eastern Spirituality, UUFE Inner Circle June Activity.  Comments by Gayle Scroggs.]   All kidding aside, I was very drawn to the character of Kumare even though I knew he was a fake guru.  I’d rather call him a placebo … Continued