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Never Be in a Hurry to Believe

Sermon Text by Dwayne Eutsey

A couple weeks ago, I was invited by an English teacher at Easton High School to talk to his students about Mark Twain. I was there for most of the day, talking to the four classes he has: two consisted of … read more.

Death and Life on the Ganges – Outreach for Mere Saathi

Dr. Audrey Barker described Mere Saathi’s mission in India to empower and improve the lives of impoverished village women through veterinary medicine for the dairy animals in their care. UUFE’s Don Barker told stories about Death, Uncertainty, and Liberation – from his India journal and books … read more.

Believing in Nothing

How do you respond when someone asks you this: “So you are a UU. What do you believe?”  Is your UU elevator speech fuzzy? Limited to what you have rejected? Can you clearly articulate your beliefs?

Several UUFE members and friends explored and defined their personal … read more.

Notes on Music at our Dec 10 Service

​​Notes from UUFE Choir Director, Ellen Grunden

Soloist Terron Quailes

Our soloist today is Terron Quailes.  Mr. Quailes is a native of Easton and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Salisbury University in Music, with an emphasis on Vocal Performance.   He is known to local … read more.

It never really was about the weeds

The Art and Beauty and Soul of the Garden.  And of Ourselves.

I was at UUFE Autumn Weeding Day.  I was kneeling in front of a garden bed full of wiregrass.  A Zen moment before I attacked it with Ann Davis’s Japanese samurai mattock.

One Heavenly … read more.

The inherent worth and dignity of every Stitch

~ Denise Stahre

I’ve been doing cross stitch since I was nine years old.  I learned at Girl Scout camp, and fell in love immediately with everything about it:  the counting of the stitches, the slide of the needle through the canvas, how the floss feels … read more.

Being Two Places at Once 

Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning


Let’s get right down to today’s question. Can you be two places at once?  

Let’s say, for discussion, it is 10:40 a.m. EDT on Sunday, October 22. If you are here at this UU congregation’s service, can you also be in New York City at brunch? Or a few years ago my Dad had two grandsons … read more.

Creativism is a state of mind

~ Shalagh Hogan

Often, as I’m engaged in one of my creative projects for the UUFE community like decorating the Christmas tree or the Sanctuary for a fundraiser, people exclaim,”Oh Shalagh, you are so creative.” If you were someone who said this, thank you. But  besides … read more.