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Native Plant Sale on NOW (thru May 1st)

A few years ago, our own Kara Crissey proposed having a Native Plant Sale as a UUFE fundraiser. That event is still going strong, and money raised is used for UUFE’s operating budget. Each year, Kara creates a catalog with pictures, prices (very affordable!), planting suggestions, … read more.

UUFE Photographers, We Need You!

The UUFE home page will be featuring local photographs, with a new photo posted each month. This month’s beautiful eastern sky landscape was taken by Don Barker.
We would love images that are welcoming, hopeful, cheery, friendly and representative of our community and/or eastern shore life. Please … read more.

Coffee and Singing!

In light of the very low local Covid numbers, the UUFE Re-Opening Task Force has modified the gathering guidelines

Some of the changes include:

Make masks optional on Sunday mornings and at other UUFE events (for details on masking in the RE classes, please check with Liz … read more.

Request for Auction 2022 Offerings

This year’s spring event and auction are designed to help rekindle community and connection – and YOU can help out!
The auction will occur on April 23rd both in person and online depending on the status of our Covid world later this spring.

Please think creatively as … read more.

UUFE Hosts Vigil for Ukraine

All are invited to gather in support of Ukraine, 6pm Tuesday March 1, 2022 as a community of care and compassion that values freedom and democracy.

This will be a quiet, outdoor event with a few words offered by local clergy. Candles will be provided. We … read more.

Pledge Online!

Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022 is the Opening Day of UUFE’s annual pledge drive.  You can now pledge online by clicking here.  Thank you in advance for your support!

New Gathering Guidelines – Including Music!

In light of some improvements to local trends, the Re-Opening Task Force recently met and has modified the guidelines as follows:

Speakers at a service may unmask when speaking at the pulpit so long as they are vaccinated and maintain a 12-ft distance from the nearest … read more.

UUFE Mission & Vision Statements

In September 2021, the UUFE Board approved the following statements:


Mission Statement
UUFE  is an open religious community that strives for social justice, values diversity, cares for one another, and protects our natural environment.



Vision Statement
The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton welcomes questioning minds, diverse identities, and expansive … read more.