Helpful Memory Mnemonic for the Eight Fold Path

?If you?re anything like me, you have a hard time remembering what the Buddha?s Eight-fold path consists of. So here?s a helpful mnemonic device I found.
Monkeys ? ???Mindfulness

Normally, these are listed as ?Right Understanding? etc. but I always had trouble with that as ?right? implies there must be a ?wrong? understanding, and Taoism tries hard to avoid those moral dualities. So I always thought of the Eight-fold path as prescriptive and judgmental.??
But as Gayle pointed out in one of our discussions, perhaps a better translation would be ?complete? understanding, etc. I like that better. Less judgmental, and more Tao like.

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  1. Steve Hagen commented on the translation of “Right” in his meditation books. He described “Right” as “What works”. Not as right versus wrong.

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