August 26 Outreach Collection: Mid Shore Fresh Start

This program is for men recovering from substance addiction.  In the early stage of recovery people often encounter multiple problems in addition to the addiction itself such as housing, employment, legal and family issues, which impede their efforts to remain clean and sober.  Fresh Start … read more.

May Sunday 27 Outreach Collection: Talbot Mentors

Talbot Mentors matches at-risk children in Talbot County one on one with adult volunteer mentors to support those young people through friendship, guidance, and education. Participants meet for 1-2 hours a week. Mentoring activities include eating together, doing homework, playing sports, and visiting new places. … read more.

Death and Life on the Ganges – Outreach for Mere Saathi

Dr. Audrey Barker described Mere Saathi’s mission in India to empower and improve the lives of impoverished village women through veterinary medicine for the dairy animals in their care. UUFE’s Don Barker told stories about Death, Uncertainty, and Liberation – from his India journal and books … read more.

Outreach for Mere Saathi will be Sun Jan 21

Dr. Audrey Barker founded Mere Saathi in 2010.  Dr. Barker is a Baltimore veterinarian and daughter of UUFE members Rita and Don Barker.

We are One Village Healing Another

Mere Saathi’s mission is to empower and improve the lives of impoverished Indian women.  We do this by providing … read more.