Please plan to attend so that we have a quorum to conduct the essential business of approving a budget for FY 2024 and electing Officers, Trustees, and other important Committee members. See the proposed slate below, along with links to the supporting documents.

Proposed Slate of Officers
President:? Christina Drostin
Vice-President:? Lauren Harton
Clerk:? Linda Wilcox
Treasurer:? Tom Arnold
At-Large Members:

  • Amanda Branham
  • Tina Jones
  • Margaret Merida
  • John Mistrangelo
  • Jane Terebey
NLDC (Nominating/Leadership Development Committee)
  • Jim Richardson
  • Dick Doughty
COCM? (Committee on Congregational Ministry)
  • Leigh Marquess
  • Gayle Scroggs
  • Nancy Sajda
  • Mark Faber