Monthly Archives: November 2016

Wearing a Safety Pin

Recently you may have noticed I’m wearing a safety pin on my coat. It’s pinned below my gold ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ button. This safety pin is a visible sign to those who are the most vulnerable in our society that I am … read more.

Flying Your Own Spaceship

UUFE’s Ron Sweet answers UU liFE’s Five Big Questions and tells about trading DC for Easton (easy), choosing between Seattle and Alburquerque (too hard), flying the Great Hawaiian Air Race, building his own aircraft, and finding his way back to UUFE.


Where were you raised, and how?

I was raised, … read more.

When Stories are Complex


By Sue Browning
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton


When I was at the tail end of seminary, I travelled to Israel and Palestine with 21 other seminary students and a professor. At Wesley Theological Seminary all students were required to participate in a two … read more.

In the Spirit of Sabbath

Sermon by Sue Browning
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton


I first heard the word ‘Sabbath’ in Sunday school. I vaguely remember a worksheet, and being given directions to color in pictures next to the words for The Ten Commandments. There was something about ‘Honoring the … read more.