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The Gift of Invitation

Recently I watched the documentary “Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War.” It’s the story of Unitarian minister Rev. Waitstill Sharp and his wife, Martha Sharp, who travel to Czechoslovakia in 1938 to help Jewish refugees, including children, and political dissidents escape from Nazi Germany. To … read more.

An Autumn Update from Children’s RE

Now that our RE programs are underway for the year, I thought I’d share some highlights from each age group:

The younger elementary gang has been focusing on the concept of the web of life while learning about partnerships in nature. They made puppets of unlikely … read more.

Chalice Lighter Sunday is October 23

~ by Ann Davis

Thank you to Chalice Lighters at UUFE: Joanie Baynard, Ann Davis, Maggie Garey, Chris Hall, Lisa Menditch, Nancy Orr, Peter Paul, Jean and Jerry, Eric and Patty Rubin, Nancy Sawyer, Harry & Nancy Shaw, Edie Swallow, Jane Terebey, Gail Woodall, Sally Woodall, … read more.

To Whom Do You Confess?

Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton


An excerpt from the publication Epic Pew, by Tatiana Federoff

“My first confession was a nightmare. I was the very first in line out of all the kids in the group, and the confessor that … read more.

Toward Wholeness

This month our Soul Matters theme is “Healing” which Rev. Fred Recklau, in Partners In Care: Medicine and Ministry Together, distinguishes from a cure this way:

Cure vs. Healing

Cure may occur without healing; healing may occur without cure.
Cure alters what is; healing offers what might … read more.