Monthly Archives: August 2016

What Are You Seeking?

Do you make September resolutions? As September approaches, I gear up to return to routine.  But what routine? I want routines that help me live into what I value. I’ve spent the last weeks watching the Olympics and can easily drift to watching endless reruns … read more.

Kristin and her dog are both working on their Masters

UUFE’s Kristin Wilkersen answers the Five Big Questions and talks about driving her dad’s Suburban, surviving summer with the kids, working two jobs, and doing grad school with Drake the black lab.  And the remarkable-ness of every day.


“The first day I entered  UUFE, … read more.

Sailing Away in Tall Ships

UUFE’s Judy Harrald makes her way from CSI to IRS, down the Colorado, up the Rockies, the Alps, and the Himalaya, and across the Atlantic in tall ships.  And she navigates the Five Big Questions.

Judy pilots small ships, too, with grandkids

Where were you raised, and … read more.

Welcome Back!

We are excited to welcome everyone to our first Sunday or religious education on Sunday, September 11th. We will all gather in the sanctuary and the kids will be sung to their classes after the Thoughts for All Ages time as is usual during … read more.

Peace Camp 2016


UUFE hosted another successful, three-day Peace Camp last month. Twenty-four campers, six teen counselors, and ten adult volunteers spent three mornings together exploring peace through personal and group activities, crafts, music, song, dance, yoga, and intentional conversations.

We kicked off peace camp with the I-Care … read more.

 UU liFE and the Annual Winter Migration

UUFE’s Jay Anglada answers the Five Big Questions, tells about life between home here and home in Vero Beach, and reveals the secret to 54 years of strife-free marriage.  (No surprise there, Jay!)

UU liFE:  Where were you raised, and how?

Jay:  My younger brother and I … read more.

Was Laura of Arabia. Now Laura of New Hampshire.

UUFE’s Laura Winne tells about growing up in conservative southern California and Saudi Arabia, her craving for the color green, and her most remarkable thing – fueled by caffeine.  Still giddy about New Hampshire.

Laura and Liz at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA

UU … read more.