Monthly Archives: July 2016

Voluntarily unemployed? How do I get started!

UUFE’s Dave Moore answers the Five Big Questions and talks about walking and biking in rural Japan, seeing the kids settle on their own, and trying out for the UUFE usher job.  And if he doesn’t get the job?  Hit the road again with the … read more.

Sailing off to Paradox

UUFE’s Episcopal friend, Doug Jurrius, answers The Five Big Questions and dodges a few more.  But still reveals a little about himself, about the paradox and synthesis in UU-ism, and what his Episcopal friends think UUs do under the full moon.


Doug hangs out with UUFE … read more.

Dances With Doulas

UUFE’s Lauren Harton answers The Five Big Questions and tells about beating rheumatoid arthritis, Yale Midwifery, working as a Doula in Seattle, and teaching and leading our UUFE kids in Easton.   And she shares her favorite meat dish recipe.  (She’s a vegetarian.)

If you … read more.