Monthly Archives: June 2016

An Englishwoman in America

Carol doing data support for Katrina response, 2005

Given the choice of becoming a nurse, secretary, or teacher in England while waiting for Mr Right, UUFE’s Carol Meredith came instead to America at the height of the Vietnam War and civil unrest.

Carol talks about living and … read more.

Are We Resistant or Ready?

Sermon at UUFE by Tim Poly

What if you were the best man at a wedding and forgot to bring the ring?  Have you ever felt unprepared for a conversation, a project at work or a family activity?  At this service, led by Tim Poly, … read more.

Gone Off the Grid

UUFE’s Patty Hamsher talks about being raised in a red/blue family, going off the grid for 3 years, coming back, cobbling together a flexible work schedule, and the joy of running UUFE’s dreamy day camp for kids.  And she answers UU liFE’s Five Big … read more.

I’m Thinking of Moving to the Netherlands

~  Ann Davis

My recent trip to the Netherlands reawakened my appreciation northern European folks. It has been a long time since I traveled outside of the US. It was a pleasant deja vu from childhood trips and residence in Germany.  I experienced a brief but … read more.

Choices upon Choices, upon More Choices

Sermon by Sue Browning
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton


The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

“And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could”


The act of choosing takes time and energy.

We make decisions all day long. We choose among … read more.

&&&&&& Music this Sunday, June 12

This Sunday we are delighted to join forces with traditional music group, Ampersand.  Ampersand’s core is Beth Lawton & Dick Hogle, who will be performing this Sunday. Ampersand’s name, which means “and”, underscores their love of “adding in” other musicians. For this early summer … read more.

Yes, that’s our President. Over on the right.

UUFE’s new Board President, Mark Peach, answers UU liFE’s Five Big Questions and briefs us on growing up Catholic over there by Blair Road in Bawmer City, touring with Michael Jackson, lighting up U.S. Presidents, and what we can achieve together during his term.


UU liFE:  Where … read more.

Is Your Schedule “Just Right”?

How full do you like your calendar to be? What’s your preferred balance of “need-to-be-somewhere” and free, flexible time? In the story of The Three Bears we hear of porridge that is “too hot”…”too cold” and “just right.”  What’s your “just right” as you look … read more.