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Let’s Talk About Money

Sermon by Sue Browning Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton   Have you ever been in a store or restaurant and after just a brief encounter had that, “I know I know that person, I’ve met them before” feeling? You just know you’ve met them before. Maybe the eyes, the smile, the mannerisms…something unique about … Continued

Mediation Training Class Starts in March

Would you like to learn skills to help resolve conflicts, for others in the community, and in your own family, work, and life? Attend Mid Shore Community Mediation Center’s 45 hour Basic Mediation Training Class The training will be held in Easton and is free of charge. We provide the training for community members from all … Continued

Pasta + CASA

A big thanks to everyone who came out to our nearly-annual Spaghetti Dinner, sponsored by the RE committee, families, and youth. Colleen Ronning did all of the food shopping and cooking, while our older elementary and teen youth sold tickets, ushered folks to their tables, took orders, and served the food. There were lots of … Continued


I grew up in a church where the sanctuary was the fanciest room in the building, reserved only for Sunday mornings and special occasions. The wooden pews and the raised alter where the choir and the pastors performed were permanent fixtures, and only the accessories were moved about for cleaning when no one was there.We … Continued

How to drive through a rainbow

Sue Loweree (M.F.A. 2015) answers UU liFE’s 5 Big Questions.  And tells about her life on stage and in the garden, the London-to-Sydney road rally, her ties to Sally Field, and where she’s headed next.  Oh yes… and how to drive through a rainbow.   Where were you raised, and how? I was raised in … Continued

Standing on the Side of Love

Sermon by Sue Browning Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton A reading from Lawrence Kushner from his book Honey on the Rock [Some seem to be born with a nearly completed puzzle… ]   I’m not a bumper sticker person. Well, at least I’ve never put one on my car, so far. I don’t tend … Continued

On a spiritual path in the heart of Mexico

UUFE member Sara Linda Poly told us about her winter migration to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Now she says more about the spiritual paths of a few of her native friends – and how they influence her own.   Paty Corpi has four small tables and a big following. Patricia (Paty) Corpi is a Mexican woman whom I very … Continued

Sprinkling Joy on UUs of Southern Delaware

UUFE’s Ann Davis is the Chair of the Joseph Priestley District Growth Committee and the Chalice Lighters Grant Committees.   She’s also UUFE’s Denominational Connections Coordinator.  Here she shares with us the joy of Chalice Lighter Grant giving.     It was so much fun to attend last Sunday’s service at the Southern Delaware congregation … Continued

Making the Connection

On Sunday, January 11, a few members met to discuss Making the Connection and how we can help congregants feel a sense of belonging. We focused on questions such as: How do we match new volunteers to opportunities that excite them and connect them to UUFE? How do we ask and say thank you, so … Continued

Continually Fostering Connections

Recently, we needed to pause at the beginning of the Sunday service to set up more chairs. I heard the parking lot was about full that day, and 21 children were in in RE. A loving spirit of connection and energy were palpable throughout the building. I am grateful to be a part of this … Continued