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UU liFE in Afghanistan, in combat, as women

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An interview with the Rev. Rebekah Montgomery, Captain, U.S. Army Reserve

When the Rev. Rebekah Montgomery shares her views on empathy as a moral issue with us on Sunday, January 3, she’ll be speaking from deep experiences. While she now serves as the … read more.

“No racism here!” … and other Conversations on Race

Several UUFE members are participating in the Conversations on Race that grew out of Ferguson and other incidents of police violence against blacks in 2015. We asked Ann Davis, Sally Woodall, and Jonathan Williams to share their thoughts in response to these questions:

What inspires you … read more.

Wishes for the New Year

Rev. Sue Browning

Last Sunday my sermon was titled, “If I Were to Write a Letter to Santa…”  I shared my belief that when we give voice, with some specificity, to our wishes, we open our hearts to new possibilities that are unfolding all around us. … read more.

If I Were to Write a Letter to Santa…

Sermon by Sue Browning
Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton


(Reading, ‘Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus’ an editorial from The (New York) Sun, September 21, 1897)


Virginia O’Hanlon didn’t write a letter to Santa requesting a litany of gifts. Instead she wrote a  letter in search … read more.

From Mecca to Easton:  The call to prayer

Rev. Sue Browning and several UUFE members recently attended Friday prayer service at the Islamic Center in Easton.  We asked Ann Davis to tell us more about her experience there.

What motivated you to reach out to our Muslim community?

As a young teenager I lived in Karachi, … read more.