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Just Beginning

Just Beginning
If you’ve been following my newsletter articles (or even better, following my articles on the blog) you may remember that one of our Board’s goals over the coming year is to take a closer look at our congregation’s systems and structures. We want … read more.

UUFE Church Administration Job Opening

UUFE has traditionally completed all administrative functions on a volunteer basis. With the departure of a long-time volunteer who has led our administrative team, we are looking to hire an administrative coordinator temporarily for a few hours each week to help  organize our new structure.

Core … read more.

Seasons of Possibility

Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning


Last Sunday here at UUFE we held our first Teen Church service. As adult church happened here in the sanctuary, Patty Hamsher, Lauren Harton and I considered magic wands with the youth in the Archer-Shee room. What power would you want … read more.

Magic and Superpowers

Years ago I became a middle and high school teacher. That is, I became certified to be a teacher, but I  have yet to fully cash in on the bachelor’s degree and teacher certificate, choosing instead jobs that require me to interact with young people … read more.

Members Caring for Our Building and Grounds

UUFE has a long tradition of member Work Days. A few pictures from the past Saturday’s cleaning below. Gratitude to Jane Terebey, Gayle Scroggs, Russ Steffy and Peggy Sharp, and likely others who were there before I stopped by on Saturday. Also gratitude to Barbara … read more.

Rev. Sue Blesses the Pets

This past Saturday it was an honor to offer the pet blessing at the ‘Bark in the Park’ event at Idlewild Park. It was a chance to bless the dogs and to offer gratitude for those who love and care for their dogs day in and … read more.

In Relationship to the Land

Sermon by Rev. Sue Browning


What is your relationship with the land?

If I asked you about a relationship with a family member or friend, you could share how you are connected – the nature of the connection.

For me, a relationship with a sister who I talk … read more.

Creating Peacemakers

Like a lot of great ideas, I first heard about the concept of peace camp at a play date about 4 years ago. A friend of mine planted the small seed of the idea by talking about a peace camp going on at her local … read more.