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On my way to Phoenix to follow Kumare!

JUST FINISHED MOVIE. AM ON WAY TO BWI TO FLY TO PHOENIX TO FOLLOW THE REAL KUMARE! [Eastern Spirituality, UUFE Inner Circle June Activity.  Comments by Gayle Scroggs.]   All kidding aside, I was very drawn to the character of Kumare even though I knew he was a fake guru.  I’d rather call him a placebo … Continued

Reflections from the Inner Circles

There are still a few openings for membership in the Soul Matters and Humanism Inner Circles. For information about the Soul Matters Inner Circle contact Gayle Scroggs. For information about the Humanism Inner Circle contact Nancy Sawyer.  Or email If you are not yet part of an Inner Circle, but would like to join … Continued

Emerson Cafe is on Vacation

Emerson Café is taking a break during the months of July and August. It will recommence on the first Wednesday in September.

Summer Music

The UUFE Choir is now on their summer hiatus following their well received Music Sunday on June 14th. After the service choir members celebrated the end of the year at a picnic at the Doughty’s, overlooking the Choptank River, with spouses and Rev. Sue. It was a delightful time with food, sun, swimming and a boat ride under the Dover Bridge to … Continued

Summer RE

The RE wing is in summer programming mode for Sundays in July and August. The five and under kids who hang out in the playroom will find no change to routine, as there will—as always—be two volunteers on hand each Sunday to sing, dance, and play with them. Our elementary school students will be treated to weekly … Continued

Rest is Not Idleness

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”     John Lubbock Summer is upon us and I sometimes have to work to relax. It … Continued

To Not Look Away

I write today feeling pulled between my joy that gentle summer days are here and the horrific images from South Carolina, where nine women and men were massacred while at their church.   We hear of deep pain. We hear that hateful, racist assertions were made by the killer. It’s tempting to look away in hopelessness … Continued

Spirit of the New UUFE Web Site

This month we go live with the new UUFE web site.  The new site is largely an experiment.  It brings many changes to how we write and publish for UUFE.   It’s mostly do-it-ourselves.  We’re all in this together. The new site enables UUFE leaders to use the web site to its fullest potential — with no middle-man … Continued

Circles, Cycles and Celebrations

Sunday Sermon by Debbie Simpers Introduction The summer solstice is celebrated by nature and earth religions that now call themselves Neo-pagan.  The Festival of the Shore is the central holiday of many neo-pagan groups.  To get the full feeling of celebration and tradition that comes from the festival, we need to look very quickly at … Continued

This Week – ‘RE Sunday’

‘Religious Education (RE) Sunday is for everyone, not just RE families. It matters that we are all there to embrace our children and youth, offer gratitude to the teachers, and to grow our understanding across generations. It will be a chance to hear from Liz Hausburg, our long serving Director of Religious Education, and to … Continued